Educational Programs
HOPE Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc.
HOPE Wildlife Rehabilitation offers Wings of HOPE, our
educational program, to civic organizations, schools, Scout programs
and special events. These educational programs feature live
educational birds of prey and tells of their natural history, their role in
our environment and of the injuries they endured.
HOPE has the
proper federal and state permits to use these majestic birds in our

HOPE is soon going to be offering an addition with mammals. The
presentation will include facts about the species and the history of the
animals themselves. By learning about the animals, we can better
understand what their role is in nature and how we can live in
harmony with the animals.
We are also offering a Squirrel Rehabilitation class that can teach
you how to raise and release squirrels. There is no fee and you do
not have to be a volunteer. To rehabilitate wildlife you need to have
a permit or be a volunteer. We are offering this class so the public
can know how to care for squirrels and not be mislead by "bad
website information". We will also teach how you can work towards
your own license and provide with the information and tools if you
decide to become a volunteer. We encourage you to become a
volunteer to have support, continuing education, and better
resources. We can come to your location for a small fee depending
on the distance to cover transportation cost or you can go to
Heather Burke's home for no charge on a prearranged date and
Wings Of HOPE
Squirrel Rehabilitation Class
Contact us:

1-352-628-WING (9464)