HOPE Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc.

Any migratory or native bird to Florida
Fox (Sherman) Squirrels, Not Eastern Gray fox squirrels
Native snakes and reptiles
are federally/state protected and/or require a permit to
have them.

You can follow the following link for further and more
detailed list:

Florida Fish and Wildlife

National Wildlife Rehabilitates Association (NWRA)

Please consider the needs of the animal and their happiness over
how much you love them. Sometimes the best thing for them is to
turn them over to a rehabilitator. Also consider becoming a volunteer
to truly enjoy what we do.
Contact us:

1-352-628-WING (9464)
I recently found the wonderful website of Urban
Wildlife Rescue. They have humane and safe ways to
remove pesky critters. Click on their Human evictions
link and highlight the animal you are interested in. I
would like to thank Jack Murphy from Urban Wildlife
Rescue for the use and links of their information.
Got Pesky Critters?
Check out below for HUMANE and SAFE ways!