Found An Injured or Orphaned Wildlife?
What to do...
First... Safely capture the animal with a
towel or blanket. Then place the animal
in a cardboard box with small holes
poked in it for air. Place paper towels or
newspapers in the bottom. With baby
mammals, you can put a piece of fleece
material but do not use terry cloth, wash
clothes, or towels; as the loops can come
loose and strangle the animal.
REMEMBER these are wild animals and
they can bite or injure you.
One drop
of water down the airway can kill an

If you cannot safely capture the animal,
keep a close eye on it and its location.
HOPE Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc.
Second... Place the animal in a quiet
environment. It will need a mild heat
source- A heating pad on low, with a
towel folded on top of the heating pad
have a heating pad you can make a Sock
buddy- Take an old gym sock, put rice in
it, and microwave the sock for 30 second
intervals until warm. Place the sock
buddy next to the baby.
PLEASE, do not try to bandage any
LAST... Contact your local
Wildlife Rehabilitation Facility!

This can be found at
FWC link!
Links To find a rehabilitation
personnel in your area
(We are not responsible for the
information on the links!)
If you find what "may be" an orphaned wild animal, ask these questions.
Are parents nearby?  Do you see other babies? Do you see a nesting site?
Can they be returned to the nest?

Do not handle the animal or give it food or water unless advised to
do so.
It is illegal to raise a wild animal without proper permits.  Young wildlife
requires special diets to grow and develop correctly. Please call us if you
find yourself in this situation and we will be able to help you.
If you would like a link to your
web page here, please
us with the information and
verification of your permits!