Adoption Program
HOPE Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc.
Wings of HOPE is our educational program that helps educate the public about
these majestic birds. The birds used in these programs are birds that are were
being rehabilitated but cannot be released. Federal regulations require
non-releasable birds to be euthanized or used for educational purposes. Your
donations allow us to keep these birds for our educational program and enrich the
lives of everyone who meets these avian ambassadors.

Help feed our flock through our
Adopt-a-bird program. When you become an
adoptive parent, you will receive an adoption certificate, a color photograph of
your adoptive bird, a fact sheet on the species and a subscription to our newsletter.

If you would like to adopt a bird for yourself or as a gift, you have the option of
printing out and mailing it in, or you may fill out the form below and submit
payment electronically using a credit card.

Check back again for the stories behind these amazing birds.
The Educational Birds
Red-Tailed Hawk

$84 per month
Barred Owl

$67 per month
Peregrine Falcon

$67 per month
Great Horn Owl

$84 per month
Contact us:

1-352-628-WING (9464)