Look out for the babies! Find
out what to do if you find a
baby bird or mammal and
how you can help!
HOPE Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation
dedicated to
Helping Our Precious Environment through the rescue,
rehabilitation and release of injured and orphaned wild animals native to
H.O.P.E. Wildlife is very active in educating the community about the
special needs of wildlife. Our educational program,
people a greater knowledge, understanding, appreciation and concern for
wildlife. This concern is then reflected in an increased desire to protect the
Earth's fragile environment.
HOPE does not receive any funding from city, county, state or federal
agencies. We are volunteers who receive no salary or compensation. The
wildlife in our care depend solely on public donations and on people like you.
HOPE Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc.
Welcome To HOPE Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc.
Night Only- and Text
first: 352-678-9519
This is a private number and this
person works at night so please
be patient!

PO. Box 234
Crystal River, Florida

If you are interested in helping with fund raising
efforts, please contact us!

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HOPE WILDLIFE is moving in a new direction, one that helps all the animals and
rehabilitation groups in the area. Please contact us if you are a licensed Wildlife
Rehabilitator in the area and willing to take referred calls. We are gathering a
list of all Rehabilitator in the area. We will be able to know who is in what area,
saving precious time and gas. We can keep your number private and only allow
communication with us if you prefer.
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HOPE Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc is located in Central
Florida. We are not associated with Hope Wildlife
Rescue out of California. I can provide the number of
their establishment if I receive calls for them at the
352-678-9519 NIGHTTIME ONLY, but we do not
advocate them as we are not the same wildlife group.
Thank you for understanding.

Please call 352-628-WING for help!

Thank you for your patience and support!

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